BMW E91 320d

This has been my daily driver since august 2014. It’s a factory M-Sport model with plenty of extra equipment, e.g. leather sport seats with lumbar support, panoramic roof, BMW professional navigation, Logic7-surround sound, cupholders (yeah, they don’t come as standard 😀 ), door handle lights, folding mirrors etcetc.

It’s manufactured in 2006, which means it has the older (and better) M47D20TÜ engine which produces about 163hp/340nm as standard. I’ve done some of the usual mods, like removing DPF and EGR, and a custom remap (made by me), and now the engine produces 208hp/497nm (that’s 46% more torque!).

There is plenty more power to be had, but the limiting factor is the original turbocharger which doesn’t produce enough air to burn any more fuel than it does at the moment, which means, a bigger turbo is needed to gain more power.